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Today's young people face moral and spiritual issues that require the strong support of sensitive and caring teachers who uphold the values and standards of the Christian home. In his study of effective middle schools, Dr. James P. Garvin, past president of the National Middle School Association, noted that students in these Middle Schools recognized that good teachers are the most important feature in making their schools effective: ". . . teachers who are approachable, have a sense of humor, care about students, are willing to stay after school and help, participate in student activities, and are encouraging." We believe these qualities characterize our Middle School teachers at Lexington Christian Academy.

LCA provides a foundation for learning that is stable, yet gives the pre- and early adolescent opportunities for exploration, experimentation, and participation at their various stages of intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth. Lexington Christian Academy provides a climate where Middle School students can develop their self worth and have opportunities to build friendships and human relationship skills.