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The bowels may be "overnight" kept moderately open, and very plain, simple diet should be given. Tubercle bacilli were found in four flies out of six examined, nt1 and also in the excreta. The organized profession should busy itself australia in reformation and take its stand in the medical colleges, hospitals, and societies, and as individuals and organizations educate the public and reform their own members.

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Professor "pills" of Real and Leasehold Estates, Constitutional and Statute Law. Death may follow from exhaustion, from blood poisoning, or from the disease attacking the windpipe, or implant from its spreading inward to the brain.

Each of the officers named will stand relieved from further active duty in the Medical Reserve Corps, to take effect upon Official list of changes in the stations and online duties of officers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States to the Naval Medical School, Wa.shington, D.