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Notwithstanding the adverse opinion of Gowers and the conclusions of Berger, who after treating twenty cases reported pill that not one received improvement, our own experience has been that electricity, if properly and persistently used, is capable in occasional instances of favorably modifying the course of the disease. In such conditions the localized application of the faradic current "where" alone rapidly brings on the recovery. The question to be decided is, by which of prescription the two plans a given number of cases can be treated vWth the least risk of the diseases spreading.

Even in those instances in which, whether from the age and state of health of the patient, or to the bruised condition of the soft parts, it may be impracticable to employ the means recommended, and you may be compelled to leave the displacement unreduced, there is still one important point requiring attention.

For applications for membership and "eeg" other information, address the INSTRUCTIONS TO HOUSEHOLDS IN QUARANTINED DISEASES The physician in attendance upon a person having, or suspected of having a reportable disease, is expected to notify the Division of Health of such disease, and to instruct the members of the household in measures for preventing its spread.