02 Jan 2017

Looking At The State Of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 Colonies that made up the United States when they declared independence. That means since the very beginning this Appalachian East Coast state has been a major part of history in the United States and continues to this day to be a major influencer not only locally but throughout the nation. Whether you’ve heard about the emerging music scene in the city of the Philadelphia, or love the blue collar standard of Pittsburgh, there is plenty to see in this state.

Living History
Historians or history fans will love everything they can see throughout the state. Whether it’s taking time to visit the Civil War battlefields (Gettysburg is an incredible visit) or take a look at where the founding fathers wrote so many important documents in the city of Philadelphia, there is living history everywhere.

While not quite the same thing, there’s also the famous Lancaster County which is also known by the majority of people as “Amish Country.” There are covered bridges, and no matter where you go in the state there are examples of living history that you can find and enjoy!

Two Big Cities
The cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are known as sort of the two “large” cities in Pennsylvania and while both are impressive, there are plenty of others throughout the state that deserves plenty of attention. That being said, there’s a reason that these two cities stand out to anyone who thinks about the state. They both feature professional sports teams in most major sports, offer the full range of cultural offerings, and each has suburbs that in and of themselves work as fantastic cities that bring in all kinds of people for a wide variety of reasons.

More Than Coal Country
While the decline of coal, steel, and manufacturing has hurt in many places, the state is about a lot more than just one thing. There are so many things about the state that make residents proud to be from there and visitors happy to see the place.

In Conclusion
Pennsylvania has been a major part of U.S. history since the very beginning. This state has so much to offer whether you want to hike through some of the most beautiful parts of the Appalachian Trail or visiting the professional sports teams of the cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania is a very popular state and it is likely to remain so.

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02 Jan 2017

Four Great Benefits Of Living In Pennsylvania

I had a girlfriend once who wanted me to leave my home state and head to Pennsylvania to live with her. At the time, this seemed like the worst idea in the world. We ended up breaking up, now years later I realize that I should have taken a chance. Apparently, there are some great benefits that come with living in Pennsylvania.

1. The Cost Of Living

One thing I noticed about Pennsylvania is the fact that people there make a decent wage, yet the cost of living is not as high as it is in comparable cities. For instance, you can make $20 an hour and still struggle to make ends meet if you live in Boston, yet this will take you far in your live in Pittsburgh of Philadelphia.

The thing that makes this great is the fact that the pay scale is similar to other places. This means that it is fairly simple to work in this state and pay bills without feeling overextended.

2. Ease Of Getting To Popular Cities

It is very simple to get from this state to many major cities. Perhaps you are interested in spending a weekend in New York or maybe you want to head to the White House and take a tour. Going to either of these places is simple if you are in Pennsylvania. In fact, you can get to both of these metropolises within two hours.

3, The Food

You have probably had some version of a cheesesteak at other places in America, but you cannot find anything like what they have in Philadelphia. While some places may come a bit close, there is nothing like the real thing.

Don’t think that Philadelphia is the only city in the state with a food culture. You would be hard-pressed to find a sandwich that rivals Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.

4. The Colleges

There are a ton of four-year colleges in this state and one of them may have your name on it. If you decide to live there, you can take advantage of in-state tuition at a ton of different schools.

As you can tell, there are solid reasons for people to consider Pennsylvania when they are looking for a nice place to live. I wish I had known all of this sooner since it means that things may have turned out differently for me.

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