Four Great Benefits Of Living In Pennsylvania

I had a girlfriend once who wanted me to leave my home state and head to Pennsylvania to live with her. At the time, this seemed like the worst idea in the world. We ended up breaking up, now years later I realize that I should have taken a chance. Apparently, there are some great benefits that come with living in Pennsylvania.

1. The Cost Of Living

One thing I noticed about Pennsylvania is the fact that people there make a decent wage, yet the cost of living is not as high as it is in comparable cities. For instance, you can make $20 an hour and still struggle to make ends meet if you live in Boston, yet this will take you far in your live in Pittsburgh of Philadelphia.

The thing that makes this great is the fact that the pay scale is similar to other places. This means that it is fairly simple to work in this state and pay bills without feeling overextended.

2. Ease Of Getting To Popular Cities

It is very simple to get from this state to many major cities. Perhaps you are interested in spending a weekend in New York or maybe you want to head to the White House and take a tour. Going to either of these places is simple if you are in Pennsylvania. In fact, you can get to both of these metropolises within two hours.

3, The Food

You have probably had some version of a cheesesteak at other places in America, but you cannot find anything like what they have in Philadelphia. While some places may come a bit close, there is nothing like the real thing.

Don’t think that Philadelphia is the only city in the state with a food culture. You would be hard-pressed to find a sandwich that rivals Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.

4. The Colleges

There are a ton of four-year colleges in this state and one of them may have your name on it. If you decide to live there, you can take advantage of in-state tuition at a ton of different schools.

As you can tell, there are solid reasons for people to consider Pennsylvania when they are looking for a nice place to live. I wish I had known all of this sooner since it means that things may have turned out differently for me.