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The fever is of an intermittent, remittent, and sometimes relapsing type, and continues for varying periods from a few days to months, depending upon the animal attacked and its physical condition at the time: previa.

Whenever such shipments are transferred to another transportation company or Into other cars or into other boats, or are rebllled or reconslgned to a point other than the original destination, the cars Into which said sheep are transferred and the new waybills, conductors' cita manifests, memoranda, and bills of lading covering such shipments by cars or boats shall be marked as herein specified for cars first carrying said sheep and for the billing, etc., covering the same.

It was proved beyond peradventure that the cloudiness of the cornea occurred independent of the mechanical abuse: cheap. Nosotaxy, no-zo-taks'e (nosos, taxis, arrangement) (revia).

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